Complaints procedure

Getting it right and enhancing our services

At the University of Strathclyde, our goal is to deliver high quality services to all students, applicants and visitors. We welcome any potential opportunity to improve the provision of services across the University.

Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong. If you think this has happened or you are dissatisfied with any of our services, please tell us. Full information on how to do this is available within the University's Complaints Handling Procedure Guide for Complainants.

Complaints can provide valuable feedback and influence the enhancement of University services. We record all complaints and use them to identify improvements. Below are just some of the key changes we've made recently in response to complaints.

How we've helped

1. There were errors identified in an exam paper

What we did: The process for checking exam papers has been tightened. Additional confirmation that calculations have been checked is now required.

2. There was no mechanism for reporting group members who did not participate fully in group work.

What we did: The Department set up a working group on group work. Students now report on their own and their peers' relative contributions to group work.

3. Students felt there was a lack of timely feedback on their coursework

What we did: Staff were reminded of the feedback policy, highlighting the importance of providing feedback in a timely manner, and reviewed their assessment processes to ensure they can meet the expected timescales.

4. An error was identified in a degree parchment

What we did: The Department clarified the procedure and timescales for students transferring between degrees.

5.There was a delay in receiving a reply to a complaint.

What we did: The Department appointed a Complaints Champion to improve complaint handling.

6. A student experienced poor disabled access to a placement opportunity

What we did: Networking events were held with placement providers to improve awareness and share good practice.